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    Yoga for Mind, Body and Soul

    It’s now become 10 years since I first went to my yoga and meditation class in Gothenburg. I remember how I used to love those 90 min classes late in the evening because it was a time that was only dedicated to myself and my practise. My teacher was from Norway but he lived and worked in Sweden. He had changed his name to an old Indian version of his own name, and he had practised yoga for over 30 years back then. I recently looked up if he’s still a teacher at the same place, and he is, isn’t that amazing. 40 years of yoga knowledge. He was the first teacher that inspired me to pursue yoga for my own mental health and spiritual evolvement. Years passed and I had some rocky years in my early twenties, but I still always came back to yoga, even if I had a longer break. I took classes of yoga at the gym, did some on my own in my student flat, whatever so that I didn’t totally lose the connection.

    When I moved to Stockholm in 2014, I took some yoga classes at the gym and there were many different teachers there. Most are only into yoga as a fitness alternative and that isn’t the whole experience of yoga according to me and many other yogis, it’s a much more wholesome and spiritual and inward experience and development that is beyond anything physical. Out of all those average yoga gym teachers there was one that stood out in the crowd, he always used the right terms for all the asanas and always referred back to the ancient traditions of yoga; unlike many other yoga teachers in Sweden.
    Although I didn’t stay for very long in that gym membership and for some reason got stuck in a 2 year membership at a place I didn’t enjoy as much.

    I recently switched back and booked a yoga class and to my surprise the same teacher is still there and having classes. It seems that he’s been practising yoga for 30 years and is such a huge inspiration not only to me but everyone who comes to his classes. The class always begins with some 5 minutes of talking about the intentions, the planet movements and moon placement in different astrology signs and what it means to us. I love the feeling of being totally connected to the 25-30 people in the class and share the same experience as I do in the same time and space. That feeling is quite remarkable and powerful, it can truly change the world for the better.

    I plan to attend a yoga retreat in the end of the year in India, although I haven’t decided on what or where to go for it. Would be nice with some place in south India, such as beautiful Kerala or similar. I will let that thought mature in my head through the year and decide on it until summer time.

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Madeline

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    Bucket list for 2017

    It's been very inspiring to read other people's promises and goals to accomplish during the next coming year. I want to take a moment and document at least some of the things I would like to do and complete during the year of 2017. Without goals and something to look forward to it's easy to just get stuck in a wheel of the same mundane things.

    (The list is not ordered chronologically.)

    • Travel. A weekend in Berlin, London and Scotland is already on my list for short 3-4 day trips. Other trips will be planned depending on plans and/or business plans and vacations.
    • Vipassana meditation. I really hope that I will be able to complete a Vipassana during a trip to India or in Sweden. I believe it might be more possible with India since I can go during next winter. I don't think there will be time for that during summer in Sweden; and I want to have good weather when I go to the Vipassana centre. I'd rather have that experience alone but I'll ask a friend or two if they want to join. Share the experience.
    • Writing my book. I have had a long break from my book writing due to personal reasons. I need to reevaluate my story direction and almost start over my writing, unfortunately. I will make a plan for the book during my current India trip now in December 2016.
    • Meditate daily. I know I've been having this on my list for ages, and it comes back every now and then, but it's crucial for my mental health to wind down and be peaceful on the inside.
    • Exercise 2-3 times a week. Yoga, Pilates and weight training.
    • Improve my stamina by starting to jog. Apply for a 5km run with a friend to have as a goal.
    • Practice to be more mindful.
    • Watch Darren Hayes' musical in London or somewhere in Europe whenever he is finished with it.
    • See the one-man-band Assemblage 23 live for the first time (of many). Waited for around 8-9 years. Those lyrics he writes are some of the best in the genre of futurepop/EBM.
    • Practice riding a bike and become more confident again. It's been years since I knew how to, and I guess you never really forget, I just need to be good at driving it in traffic as well.
    • I don't plan on taking my driver's license during 2017, but I plan on practicing driving again and be more confident in traffic. I knew how to 2-3 years ago but that was before my laser eye surgery. Now I need to spend weekends every now and then to just get into the routine and then eventually when it's in my priority I will apply for and take the license.

    What's your bucket list for 2017? Share and link to yours below so we can all take part and be inspired. 

    Peace and love,

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    Allergic to everything

    I’ve never really written about something that consumes all my daily life, and it has for the past 20 years. I’m 25 and I’ve always had allergies for as long as I can remember. I’ve always cheated with what I can allow myself to eat because I thought I could get away with it, by telling myself – it’s not that bad, the reactions could be worse. The result of that has always been endless nights of constant itching attacks and not being able to hinder myself even in public, and it just gets worse if I eat more of the food I’m allergic to. The scratching turns into the skin bleeding and then it becomes rashes and it’s out of control already…

    Recent months I’ve become more interested in becoming more fit and training at the gym properly to gain muscles and weight. To be able to accomplish that I needed to exceed my intake of protein, which had never earlier crossed my mind. I actually ate way too little protein before so I needed to take extra by drinking some protein shakes after the exercises. Then I realised that the most popular protein shake is usually made out of milk protein, which is also one of those ingredients I’ve been neglecting that the doctors told me that I’m allergic to (or at least according to the tests)

    These realisations made me more aware of what I put into my body so I decided to make a clean start when I moved to Stockholm. I contacted the doctor to start a new investigation so they’re able to take new allergy tests. I’ve started the process but I’m far from getting the tests done or getting the results of those. But what counts is that I’ve taken the steps that are necessary to understand my body a bit more.
    This realisation also made me more determined to avoid everything that came up in the tests back in 2007. I started writing a list,  a list that was long overdue, a list I’ve been avoiding to make for the longest time, because I thought I could cheat and still feel okay. It’s not okay, it’s my body and I want to feel good and be healthy. If that means I need to cut down on some of the good stuff, then I need to find other good stuff. I love cooking food, especially with all ingredients I’m allergic to. I can still do that, but to feed others. When it comes to me, things have got to change.

    I’m happy to hear some of your stories if you have anything similar to share. Do you have many allergies and how do you cope in your daily life? Please share your story with me in the comments below.

    Peace and Love,

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    At the gym – what I’ve noticed

    When I go to the gym I’m not looking for talking to people while I’m exercising, I’m just there to listen to my upbeat music and do my workout. If I knew someone that worksout at the same place as me that would be a nice surprise and of course I’m not anti-social. But now to the issue… there are some guys that think pumping weights and staying there almost literally 24/7 would impress a girl. Think again, I don’t give a shit what you’re up to, I’m just there to have my own workout done and then leave. Looking someone up on Facebook afterwards and sending messages is just creepy as hell, and why would any guy do that and think he actually had a shot. I go into another state of mind when I’m exercising, totally focused on what I’m doing and just trying to let go of everything around me – that’s the way I like it. What surprises me is that someone makes such an effort of looking up my name online after being at the gym, that is just borderline stalker-ish. Not okay. Just saying…

    I now know why they even at this particular gym, which is in Sweden (out of all countries) actually has a ladies-only room in case you want to be undisturbed. I get it now, it’s to avoid all these creepy guys. 😛 I’m not much for separating people depending on their sex, but if it’s going to be so hard for the guys to focus on their own exercise and not on my butt then I see why they created that ladies-room. There are sensitive girls out there that don’t want that type of attention and would feel disgusted by it. In my case, I can’t care less, do they want to stare – who am I to judge. 😉

    Peace and love,

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    My new self – healthy and fit

    I have a new fitness goal now, to be as fit as I’ve ever been in my life until summer 2013. It’s six months left and they will be filled with hard-core exercise almost every day. Some might say: “you don’t need to exercise, you’re so slim anyway…” I’ve heard it before but I won’t listen to those words again, it’s a trap. A trap towards slowly being one of those that sits at home and relaxes just a little bit too much and eats unhealthy food and no matter how slim I am today, that habit will become bad and my body will start becoming unhealthy from the inside. That is all that matters; the inside. Everyone needs to be a little bit active in their lives, even though “you don’t need to” like myself. I don’t want to be tired and lacking energy anymore, I’m through with that phase. I am from this moment embracing a healthy diet and healthy exercise to become what I really want to be – full of energy to do anything I want. It clears my head and mind and will probably cure my insomnia issues I’ve had for the last year or two – already becoming a bit better.
    I have already one year at the gym behind me so getting into the habit shouldn’t be a problem, it’s all about having the motivation and inspiration to do this.
    You can do this too, start writing about it or join a friend so it’s easier to maintain the new routine. But you just have to remember that when you get started it’s only you who can push yourself to the limits, no one else can do it for you. Get inspired by people’s blogs, videos and so on to find out what’s best for you to focus on. It might be just as little of a change as taking the stairs every day, or to take a walk instead of the bus a couple of stops or something similar. It makes a huge difference when you start moving and becoming more active. I intend to stick with this new routine because I love the way it makes me feel.

    Peace and love,