At the gym – what I’ve noticed

When I go to the gym I’m not looking for talking to people while I’m exercising, I’m just there to listen to my upbeat music and do my workout. If I knew someone that worksout at the same place as me that would be a nice surprise and of course I’m not anti-social. But now to the issue… there are some guys that think pumping weights and staying there almost literally 24/7 would impress a girl. Think again, I don’t give a shit what you’re up to, I’m just there to have my own workout done and then leave. Looking someone up on Facebook afterwards and sending messages is just creepy as hell, and why would any guy do that and think he actually had a shot. I go into another state of mind when I’m exercising, totally focused on what I’m doing and just trying to let go of everything around me – that’s the way I like it. What surprises me is that someone makes such an effort of looking up my name online after being at the gym, that is just borderline stalker-ish. Not okay. Just saying…

I now know why they even at this particular gym, which is in Sweden (out of all countries) actually has a ladies-only room in case you want to be undisturbed. I get it now, it’s to avoid all these creepy guys. 😛 I’m not much for separating people depending on their sex, but if it’s going to be so hard for the guys to focus on their own exercise and not on my butt then I see why they created that ladies-room. There are sensitive girls out there that don’t want that type of attention and would feel disgusted by it. In my case, I can’t care less, do they want to stare – who am I to judge. 😉

Peace and love,

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