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    Poem: Drowning in your SOUL

    Cold wind touches my face
    It’s blowing through my hair
    Speeding through the highways
    Exceeding the limits when
    You cloud my mind
    Empty thoughts flash by
    Darkness has fallen
    Moments turn into hours
    Avoiding every image of you
    Imprinted in my brain
    Drowning each reflection of you
    With the sound of your songs
    The tunes deafen me shortly
    They capture each emotion
    One tear at a time
    Reaching a crossroad
    Dreams or reality
    Choose a pathway
    Where you’ll belong
    Part of my inner world
    Killing the pain
    With an alternate universe
    Where our souls,
    Become one.

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: Irrfan Khan (RIP) 1967-2020

    The legendary Indian actor Irrfan Khan passed away. This poem is dedicated to him.
    I will miss you forever. Your films were magical to me. A lost girl looking for her belonging in this world. Her roots. Her version of India. You made me curious. I will forever be thankful to you for how your films have impacted me. They left me with an insatiable desire to be curious about my culture. My real culture. Not any made up culture I have grown up with.
    RIP Irrfan.

    The way you came in
    Swept across the country
    The entire world of art
    Your radiance
    Insatiable creativity
    Artistic acting
    Powerful characteristic
    Only viewed by us
    Through the screen
    Left in awe.

    Piece by piece,
    I opened up,
    To a world
    Of roots long lost
    Pulled them up
    With your help
    Held them close
    Tied a knot
    For each time
    You made an impact
    Left an imprint
    In my artistic heart.

    RIP Irrfan Khan.

    Love always,
    Kimmi Sandhu

    Actor Irrfan Khan passes away at age 53
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    Poem: Goodbyes


    These tiny moments
    Reflecting parting of souls
    Painful echos in our memory
    Momentary small glitches
    These evanescent seconds
    Never reminiscing
    Never recorded
    In the abyss of our vast mind

    I conjure your silhouette
    Inside of me
    The scent of you
    Tranquils my soul
    In these exasperating times
    Universe is reminding us
    Once again
    We look up at the sky
    Clouds are waving down at me
    Rays of sunshine
    Embrace me
    Comfort my soul
    Just like you
    Used to do.

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: Jigsaw Puzzle.

    Listen. To the silence.
    The space, between souls.
    Feel. Beating of the hearts.
    Across, space and time.
    Between satellites.
    We’re transmitting. Emotions.
    Feelings of love, pain and hurt.
    There is no trust. It’s broken.
    Gather up my pieces.
    Hand them over, to you.
    Just like a jigsaw puzzle.
    The healing has begun.
    One piece at a time.

    The people recluse to their spaces.
    Time, what is time?
    Waiting, endlessly. For an answer.
    Someone to hold hostage.
    When will they,
    Give our freedom back?
    Calling out in vain.
    Voices heard.
    But no one answered.
    Not even you.
    Swimming backwards.
    Blood red sea.
    Searching for the shore.
    Waiting for the dawn.
    Knocking on the door.
    Bring me back. To you.

    Peace and Love,

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    Poem: Windows to your Soul

    Memories remain
    Etched in my brain
    The windows to your soul
    Looking right through me
    My heart beating in tune
    With yours

    The reasons remain
    Buried deep inside
    No need to speak
    No need to explain
    To our souls
    They already know
    Messages of another world
    Another universe.

    Peace and Love,

    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: Crown energy

    Energies flow
    From the base
    Through my crown
    Streams like the river
    Connect our strings
    From north to south
    No matter where we are
    Eternal desire awake us
    From our lucid dreaming
    Moments like this
    Last forever in our core
    Our union soul.

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Nothing left to give

    When you love someone you’ll show it in all kinds of ways. You’ll be there for them no matter time and space. You make room for them in your life. You’ll reach out a hand to help wherever and whenever you can. If your actions time and time again are being neglected, ignored and forgotten; you will lose your temper. Perhaps not today. Not tomorrow. Not even in a year. But your patience will run out. Your kindness will have its limit. Your love will reach a peak. Your heart will break. The pieces might be lost on the way. How will they ever mend back again? You might feel as if you’ve given your all and you have nothing left to give.