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Poem: Irrfan Khan (RIP) 1967-2020

The legendary Indian actor Irrfan Khan passed away. This poem is dedicated to him.
I will miss you forever. Your films were magical to me. A lost girl looking for her belonging in this world. Her roots. Her version of India. You made me curious. I will forever be thankful to you for how your films have impacted me. They left me with an insatiable desire to be curious about my culture. My real culture. Not any made up culture I have grown up with.
RIP Irrfan.

The way you came in
Swept across the country
The entire world of art
Your radiance
Insatiable creativity
Artistic acting
Powerful characteristic
Only viewed by us
Through the screen
Left in awe.

Piece by piece,
I opened up,
To a world
Of roots long lost
Pulled them up
With your help
Held them close
Tied a knot
For each time
You made an impact
Left an imprint
In my artistic heart.

RIP Irrfan Khan.

Love always,
Kimmi Sandhu

Actor Irrfan Khan passes away at age 53

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