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Poem: Jigsaw Puzzle.

Listen. To the silence.
The space, between souls.
Feel. Beating of the hearts.
Across, space and time.
Between satellites.
We’re transmitting. Emotions.
Feelings of love, pain and hurt.
There is no trust. It’s broken.
Gather up my pieces.
Hand them over, to you.
Just like a jigsaw puzzle.
The healing has begun.
One piece at a time.

The people recluse to their spaces.
Time, what is time?
Waiting, endlessly. For an answer.
Someone to hold hostage.
When will they,
Give our freedom back?
Calling out in vain.
Voices heard.
But no one answered.
Not even you.
Swimming backwards.
Blood red sea.
Searching for the shore.
Waiting for the dawn.
Knocking on the door.
Bring me back. To you.

Peace and Love,

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