• Poetry

    Poem: Dark Blue Sky

    Remembering the last moments
    The tears of sadness
    Trusting the path
    Of our destiny
    Shy invisible stars
    Leading us to our fate
    One night at a time
    Until one day
    When years have passed us by
    We’re too old to remember.

    The darkness has fallen
    No light in sight can be found
    I stumble and fall
    Looking all over for your face
    Your scent,
    Would guide me right
    Besides the full moon light
    Underneath this dark blue sky
    In a country far far away.

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: Butterfly Wings

    Breathing in deep
    Filling up the lungs
    Crispy winter air
    The ground is covered
    In white feathery snow
    Each breath
    Every step
    Moves me closer
    To running away
    From here.

    The endless wandering
    With every teardrop
    Every drop of blood
    Stop and wait
    Until the moment
    Pass you by
    Wait, until
    There is no tomorrow.

    Fly to the moon
    Only with my,
    Butterfly wings
    The space between
    You and me
    Ddissolves for every moment
    Every year
    We walk on this earth,

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Sandhu

  • Poetry

    Poem: Rose Petals

    The petals of the rose
    One by one
    Keep falling out
    Withers and dies
    Just like each moment
    Every blink of an eye
    Never coming back
    Are never coming back.

    Instagram: @misskimmisandhu and @moonovermumbai

    Peace and love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

  • Poetry

    Poem: Pieces

    There are pieces I have gathered,
    Tiny little memories,
    Of every word you’ve ever spoken,
    Created all these melodies,
    Endless tunes and symphonies,
    Since the day I met you
    They’re residing in my soul.

    Where would I begin, to describe,
    The sheer impact you’ve had,
    One whisper turned louder,
    From each, you made me grow.

    Imagine what is real,
    Through cosmic spaces,
    Galaxies and distance,
    Where do you go from here.

    Crushing boundary and notions
    Stepping into,
    The haven of our dreams,
    I can’t help but to notice,
    How close you are to me.

    ~ Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: #Roots


    Walking through life
    One step at a time
    Feeling lost and faithless
    How do I explain
    Why I don’t feel the same
    Like I used to feel
    Coming from a place
    So far away from home
    The question still arise
    Where is my true home
    And who are my friends
    Who are my foes?
    Will you be by my side when
    I discover my roots
    My true belonging
    To find my way back

    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: The Other Side

    Cleanse my soul
    Breathe it in
    The essence of life
    Immerse me in this love
    This flow of energy
    That travels through my veins
    From red to white
    I’m lit up from within
    One light bulb after another
    Close my eyes to see
    You stare into my soul
    Through these dimensions
    With walls so thick
    Where no one has ever been before
    You look into my eye
    My sixth sense of perception
    Tell me it’s alright
    Walk with me
    Holding my hand
    To the other side
    Where we would be free
    In another world
    In another life.

    Kimmi Sandhu

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