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    Poem: The Other Side

    Cleanse my soul
    Breathe it in
    The essence of life
    Immerse me in this love
    This flow of energy
    That travels through my veins
    From red to white
    I’m lit up from within
    One light bulb after another
    Close my eyes to see
    You stare into my soul
    Through these dimensions
    With walls so thick
    Where no one has ever been before
    You look into my eye
    My sixth sense of perception
    Tell me it’s alright
    Walk with me
    Holding my hand
    To the other side
    Where we would be free
    In another world
    In another life.

    Kimmi Sandhu

    Färg, Rök, Rainbow, Design, Kreativa, Färgstarka
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    Poem: Indian DNA

    You’re my mirror.
    My reflection.
    My alter ego.
    The window,
    To my soul.

    You’re my first
    And my last
    My twin companion
    Throughout this life
    Nothing more
    Nothing less.

    You’ve pierced my heart
    With pouring love
    We’ve opened up
    For the first time

    Our true selves.
    Reflect that
    You’re me and I’m you.
    Forever and always.
    Your Indian DNA.

    Kimmi Sandhu

    Taj Mahal, Indien, Byggnad, Misty, Dimma, Människor
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    Poem: Longing

    Where have you been
    I’ve been looking
    In my heart
    And my soul
    On this earth
    In my mind
    Followed every pathway
    Outside this realm
    Until one day
    From nowhere
    You appeared
    But you came
    Just a little
    Too late.

    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Poem: Aligning Frequencies

    Will we ever stop running,
    Away from ourselves
    Will we ever learn
    To see the beauty
    In the present moment

    Escaping every sacred second
    From winter to summer
    From pleasure to pain
    Do we ever find,
    Contentment in the now

    Before the colours fade away
    I have been searching for long
    Endlessly wandered with no end
    For an eternal flame to lit up
    Within my soul

    I walk for miles or more
    From one island to another
    Until one day I will find
    The other broken piece
    Of my nomadic soul

    The frequencies will align
    The moment we acknowledge
    Our soul journey to be one
    With the universe
    Be one with you.

    Peace and love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

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    Two Hindi songs defining India trip 2018

    I listened to this song before I went to India (Aaya Na Tu), and when I was in the car on a roadtrip between two cities it was playing on the radio. There’s usually one or two songs that I associate with a trip, and this is one of them. The second one is Baarish which was playing in the cab the last night in Delhi before leaving India. The music video from that film is a little cringe, I wouldn’t bother watching that film.