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    Dream. See. Want. Yearn. Walk. Call Out. Command.

    If it’s meant to be, it’ll crawl to you, or swim…

    (Inspired by the Insta post by Amber Khan.)

    Peace and Love,

    Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

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    My YouTube Channel

    I haven’t officially introduced you to my Channel over at YouTube. Sometimes I’ve shared a few videos on this blog, but I would like to once and for all welcome you to visit me over there where there’s more interaction with me. I’m going to be uploading more content from now on so please feel free to leave a comment of video suggestions that you might have, or if you’d like to know something specific about me. I’ll be making a Q/A video in the nearest future when I’ve gathered enough variety from all medias. Links to my channel are pasted below. 🙂

    Hope to see you there!

    Subscribe to my Channel here.

    Link to my Channel.

    Peace and Love,

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    Driving lessons

    I have recently started my driving lessons with a driving instructor. Have never driven a car previously so we started from the very basic level. I had no expectations and wasn’t even nervous for my first lesson. The feelings I get from each session are so exhilarating and exciting that it’s hard to imagine other things giving me the same kick I get from driving. I guess it has to do with  the fact that I’m learning something entirely new and it requires all my senses to be entirely awake to be able to take it all in. To be rewarded and progress in that process is a very positive feeling and I don’t want it to end. Although I know it will, when I know how to drive better I guess the rush I get from it nowadays will gradually reduce.
    But no matter what I will be happy to get the license and buy a car eventually, hopefully this year. Many road trips to come! 🙂

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    Birthday cake

    Today after work, all I have been doing is looking at blogs that has to do with cakes and how to make your own cakes. they look so delicious and yummy. I think I’ve always been interested in those things, cos once up on a time I wanted to work with baking pastries and cakes. I gave up the idea when I started having more and more allergies against wheat flour and eggs; the most useful ingredients when it comes to cooking and baking.
    So the reason for looking at these blogs and photos is because I want to have a cake for my birthday party. I have been to different bakeries and asked for the cakes they make to try to get an image of what my options would be to buy one fresh the day I have the party. After some research, I have decided to once again, make the cake myself. But this time, the skill degree will be taken one step higher from last time. It needs to be something that looks like someone has made an effort. Last time it took me quite some hours to make the cake perfect, it was a raspberry cake with cream topping. A very common Swedish summer cake; it’s very traditional.

    The idea for the one I have in mind this year is a normal sponge cake bottom in three layers. First bottom layer would have vanilla cream, second layer would have some sort of raspberry/blueberry mousse. On the top I would cover it with cream that has small pieces of chocolate inside. It would then be covered in a dark coloured sugar paste to get that gothic mood. I love gothic styles so I want the cake to represent a little it of my personality since it is after all my birthday. 🙂
    Trying to figure out what to decorate it with, either like a gift wrap with ribbons and roses and similar stuff, or some sort of draping on the sides… more on this later.

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    When you know someone

    Ever thought about when you’re just starting to get to know a person you like, you usually want to know everything about him or her and can’t wait to talk more to that person. Day and night can pass but you still just long to talk to them. When does the time come when you stop being interested in knowing more about this particular someone? If you still don’t get tired of knowing more about this person, is he or she a person that is very connected to you in some higher way? Does this connection automatically make the two of you always interested in each other? Is this connection just another word for soul mates? What if soul mates is just someone that you can be yourself with and always find more interesting things to learn from and about, even though it is that person’s flaws. When flaws become something you start appreciating to know about this person and it feels as though it doesn’t matter whether he is right or wrong in moments, is that love? I still do wonder, is it love even though it’s only one way?
    Does he or she feel when I am sad, or do they miss my presence when I’m gone, I hope to find out.

    “If all the world was perfect,
    I would only ever want to see your scars…”
    “And if all the world was smiling
    I would only ever want to see your frown…”

    – So Beautiful by Darren Hayes

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    Hello world!

    Hello world!

    I have been contemplating back and forth whether to create a blog or not. Here I am, the blog finally won over me, and I am going to start blogging from now on. Since I have a real passion for writing in general, I figured that it is the right thing to do in this stage of my life.

    I have almost finished my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and Management and I have a job starting in August, so every aspect of my life is completely new to me. At the age of 22 a new journey of my life begins. I remember being 18 and thinking just the same thoughts, a new journey started when I entered IT University and now it has all passed by so quickly.

    Before I start my new journey I will relax and enjoy the summer with my friend in Bucharest, Romania. At least I will get some warm weather down there, unlike what it has been in Sweden lately. Rain and cloudy weather is not what I imagined for summer 2011. So bring it on, my second trip of the year.

    In May earlier this year I had the chance to go to Berlin for the second time in my life, together with the company me and my project group were writing a bachelor thesis for, and that was just tons of fun and just relaxing. Being able to take a nice mojito drink in the sun lying on a relaxing chair on a “beachbar” after taking a nice and long walk-tour of the city, that was just bliss. I will totally miss the company I worked for during my thesis, they were all very friendly and nice.

    When travelling I enjoy just breathing in the vibes of the city by doing the same sort of activites that one would normally do; eat at a nice restaurant and drink some wine sitting outside in a nice bar, have a coffee (‘fika’) with some friends, and just roam the city like it’s your own home. If you get lost, then it’s just part of that adventure and excitement. I don’t like too much planning and every breathing second needs to be planned sometimes, where is the relaxation and enjoyment if you can’t sit down for a while and just be you – in an entirely different place and timezone. I could travel alone just to be able to sit down at a café by myself to take a nice cup of coffee and write in my book or some poems and watch the people pass by. That is – living in the moment – to be in the present – to enjoy it.

    Take care,