Driving lessons

I have recently started my driving lessons with a driving instructor. Have never driven a car previously so we started from the very basic level. I had no expectations and wasn’t even nervous for my first lesson. The feelings I get from each session are so exhilarating and exciting that it’s hard to imagine other things giving me the same kick I get from driving. I guess it has to do with  the fact that I’m learning something entirely new and it requires all my senses to be entirely awake to be able to take it all in. To be rewarded and progress in that process is a very positive feeling and I don’t want it to end. Although I know it will, when I know how to drive better I guess the rush I get from it nowadays will gradually reduce.
But no matter what I will be happy to get the license and buy a car eventually, hopefully this year. Many road trips to come! 🙂

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