Hello world!

Hello world!

I have been contemplating back and forth whether to create a blog or not. Here I am, the blog finally won over me, and I am going to start blogging from now on. Since I have a real passion for writing in general, I figured that it is the right thing to do in this stage of my life.

I have almost finished my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and Management and I have a job starting in August, so every aspect of my life is completely new to me. At the age of 22 a new journey of my life begins. I remember being 18 and thinking just the same thoughts, a new journey started when I entered IT University and now it has all passed by so quickly.

Before I start my new journey I will relax and enjoy the summer with my friend in Bucharest, Romania. At least I will get some warm weather down there, unlike what it has been in Sweden lately. Rain and cloudy weather is not what I imagined for summer 2011. So bring it on, my second trip of the year.

In May earlier this year I had the chance to go to Berlin for the second time in my life, together with the company me and my project group were writing a bachelor thesis for, and that was just tons of fun and just relaxing. Being able to take a nice mojito drink in the sun lying on a relaxing chair on a “beachbar” after taking a nice and long walk-tour of the city, that was just bliss. I will totally miss the company I worked for during my thesis, they were all very friendly and nice.

When travelling I enjoy just breathing in the vibes of the city by doing the same sort of activites that one would normally do; eat at a nice restaurant and drink some wine sitting outside in a nice bar, have a coffee (‘fika’) with some friends, and just roam the city like it’s your own home. If you get lost, then it’s just part of that adventure and excitement. I don’t like too much planning and every breathing second needs to be planned sometimes, where is the relaxation and enjoyment if you can’t sit down for a while and just be you – in an entirely different place and timezone. I could travel alone just to be able to sit down at a café by myself to take a nice cup of coffee and write in my book or some poems and watch the people pass by. That is – living in the moment – to be in the present – to enjoy it.

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