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“Seasons may change, winter to spring…”

I just re-watched my all time favourite romantic movie, Moulin Rouge. When I came home from work today it was on HD TV and it instantly made me feel better (at least at first, and not towards the ending). Can’t remember last time I saw it. I went and saw it back in 2001 with my two best friends in one of the best cinemas of Gothenburg at the time; Victoria. That cinema was removed years ago, not even sure why. I remember being 12-13 and seeing the first scene of the movie and thinking, oh no, this is a crappy movie. But little did I know that it was going to become my favourite movie and going to play such an important role for me when growing up. I loved those love songs and I still do, there’s something so powerful about them. Me and my friend used to alternate between being Satine or Christian in the songs and sing each part for Come What May. Beautiful memories.

I know it’s a sad movie, but it really is inspirational to me because of my Indian background and the fact that some people in that culture are not able or allowed to choose Love in their lives. That movie was my inspiration when growing up,  that I will not let anyone or anything get in the way for me and the one I love – no matter what people say. I still believe that until today. Because…

“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn is Just to Love, and Be Loved in Return…”

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