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Temporary Guests in our Lives

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and it’s very hard to come to terms with – the situations where we get to know some people even though we know from the beginning that it’s just temporary and it will be gone soon. A person that just steps into our lives for a temporary period of time, what purpose do they have? Why can’t we keep them longer? Is it just fate or maybe we’re not meant to know some people longer than necessary because they aren’t needed any longer.
Just think about this for a second… who do you have or had in your life that you knew from the beginning that you won’t be able to keep in your life for one reason or another?
I can think of some nice teachers, students, guys and mutual friends of someone that you lose contact with…and the list goes on. I guess I’m just in that reflective state right now where I think of these situations and why they happen. I guess we can’t decide some things, they are out of our hands.
Especially some nice guy friends that for one or another reason couldn’t stay in my life anymore because of changed circumstances, I find that a bit sad – why can’t guys and girls be friends without making it complicated?
That’s a question to bring up for a whole different blog post, I have loads to say about that. 😉

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