No words can describe…

…how much one song and melody means to me. I needed to share it with the world just in case anyone has missed out on hearing these beautiful lyrics. It’s by an alternative synth band called VNV Nation. The song is called Beloved. It’s beyond beautiful and so melancholic that it makes the perfect mixture. I always find the beauty in melancholic and sad things, such as music and lyrics. You can even hear it in the melody by the end when it reaches its climax and releases the last chorus (from 5:25 and forward). I’d play it on my memorial or funeral, sorry for being so morbid but it deserves all praise it can get from me. I didn’t know a song or a melody I should say can make me feel so emotional such as this one does, especially when you get towards the end and everything just…releases. It’s so pure.
I probably sound insane for describing a song like this but you should give it a try:

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