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    Poem: Heartbeats

    Twist and turn
    Fire burning
    Foggy mind
    Dream away
    With me
    In a rhythm
    Only we know
    Only we hear.

    Truth is behind
    Your hidden smile
    Follow me
    In my dreams
    Wake me up
    From myself
    Forget yourself
    Devote your soul
    Let me see
    What crawls inside

    Peace and Love,

    Love, Heart, Beat, Heartbeat, Monitor, Valentine, Neon
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    Poem: Darkness falls

    Floating away in the clouds above
    Between the sun and moon
    I dream of tomorrow
    Where we’re destined to
    Exist in the presence of
    All of creation
    When darkness falls
    Universe is no more
    Light years from here
    You will be at peace
    Resting in space.

    Peace and Love,

    Milky Way, Stars, Night Sky, Night, Starry Sky, Sky
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    Pick up the pen and write

    When you’ve stopped writing creatively and haven’t picked up the pen for a while, it can be daunting to start, the expectations creep up on you and you want to perfect a piece so badly. But it’s important in those moments to just stop and take a breath, not overthink your creative process too much even if it’s easier said than done. I have found that the easiest thing and the method that has worked more times than not, is to just sit down with either my laptop or a pen and paper and start writing words that come to me. The words are key words to what is coming through to me in the moment, those words usually spark some sort of thought where I spin off from. Sometimes the words can lead to a whole stanza and sometimes it’s just a row of words. That is fine. The main part is that you’re creating, you’re using your energy to put mind and thoughts into words. One day those words and creativity creates an outcome which is worth putting out there for others to read and be inspired by, other days it doesn’t feel entirely there yet. You just have to keep on doing it, keep showing up for yourself and keep creating and be in tune with inspiration. Because I don’t believe inspiration only strikes us at certain times and that we need to catch those few moments. I believe we can tap into and connect with our creative frequency more often if we try to show up and tap into that sphere of reality. It doesn’t feel like a part of reality when the words just flow out of you, it feels like some sort of force of energy trying to get the words out on paper. To convey a message. Perhaps a message we have long waited to hear. From the universe.

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    Poem: Peace and Harmony

    The invisible pain
    Building up inside
    The tears flowing
    Boiling through
    The deepest well
    Will we ever be?
    Known and free
    Will we ever know,
    peace and harmony?


    Flowing back and forth
    Two sides of a coin
    Tides and flows
    Moments in time
    Just like the whispers,
    I call out carefully
    In the moonlit night

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai



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    Poem: Memory Lane

    It’s hard to be stuck in a moment

    In between memory lane

    Thoughts and dreams go hand in hand

    Come on in and open your heart

    I just want to see the smile

    One more time.

    Years pass us by in an instant

    We never look back and question why

    Always running forward to the future

    Just stop and breathe

    Why the rush

    We can catch up soon enough


    Peace and Love,

    Kimmi Sandhu

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

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    The Struggles of Writing a Novel

    This journey of writing my novel started way back, I believe it was almost 8 years ago when I got the idea to write a book. I started it off and a year later I changed my mind and didn’t continue with that story. It all went back and forth and I was having inspirational periods of time when I really put all my energy into it, and becoming disappointed at the process a few months later. The struggles of writing was a fact. I had always been writing poems and journaling, so that never really stopped throughout this time – but my book story was halting and was eventually paused for a few years due to lack of inspiration.

    I intended to write a story that involves a lot of multicultual aspects to it, and things were by that time happening in my life that made me feel that I didn’t need to write that story anymore, until I went to India a couple of years ago. Something really hit me during that trip and everything came back to me, my desire to write my story. That is what I am doing right now. I am more determined than ever to complete it this time around. The intention is to write almost everyday, or at least sit with it every day and see what comes to me. If I ever find myself doubting or having writer’s block, I now know that I can get through it and move past it. It’s all about how much motivation and desire to write the book you have, because if you don’t have that, the book is never going to write itself.

    I have made myself a little soft deadline to follow, which makes it easier for me to follow through. By the end of this year I will have a complete draft version of the entire story. I will edit it several times after that and ask very nicely to one of my dearest friends if he wants to read it, which he’s promised to do. 🙂 I just haven’t finished the book for more than 6 years. Long overdue. The idea is to try to get it published, otherwise I will self-publish it and distribute it myself. For me the importance is to get it out there and have it completed, that is my ambition and goal. I hope that my story can can help someone who’s been in my situation as well.

    Stay tuned here for more information on this topic. I know several of you have been cheering on throughout the years and wanting to read it, I am very grateful for having all the support from people all over the world. Writing is our passion but it is just as well a very difficult passion to have. No matter what, you can’t live without it.

    Peace and Love,

    Kimmi Niroopinder Sandhu

    P.S. Some of you might have noticed me using my real names interchangably, and there is no other explanation than an identity crisis. 🙂 Swedish vs Indian. Always struggling, always real.

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    Poems: No more dreams

    Dreams are the window to the inner soul

    What we really desire and long for

    Appear before our eyes in the full moon night

    The truth of our inner secrets come clean

    In the dawn of light

    Closing my eyes to see clearly

    The images flash by in an instant

    Holding onto the last moments

    Lifetimes of love tear me apart

    In two pieces

    One more raw than the other

    Suffocating when I can’t breathe in

    The full spectrum of,

    Your oxygen.

    There is no answer to what I believe

    No matter what is being said

    Dreams can only tell, in time.

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline

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    Poem: Coming Home

    My journey started where it will end

    Oceans and lands away from here

    A place I call my real home

    Inner dual voices tell me

    How to really feel

    Letting go of the imaginary world

    Float deeper, and deeper

    To another dimension

    Looking up at the sky

    Wondering where we will go

    Do we meet after all of this

    When the questions have been answered

    I have been waiting for this

    All of my lifetimes

    To finish what I started

    The unfinished story

    Of another time and age

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline