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    One Song to be Remembered by…

    The amount of times I have listened to this song is crazy, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. The song is almost starting to be a part of describing one side of me, which is a very reflecting and meditative side. I¬†have always¬†loved peacefulness and meditation, this song encapsules all of it in beautiful lyrics and tune. It tells me to listen inwards and start listening to yourself, breathing an extra deep breathe each beat and relax. But it also brings forward so many emotions, they’re all in a swirl trying to find their way in my body – to calm down. I am a very hypersensitive person, which means that I get affected super easily by other people, energies, emotions etc. and it’s really difficult to turn that off. Therefore I feel that these moments when I can tune in and relax while listening to myself is necessary for me to find peace. Otherwise the emotions are beating louder and louder and it’s hard to function.

    If there is one song I want to be remembered by, it’s this song. Secluded Spaces by VNV Nation. It tells an amazing story, if you listen carefully – to yourself. <3

    What music defines your personality and your soul? What would you want others to remembers you by? What is the tune of your self?


    Peace & Love,



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    Airplane Music

    I have always been a very reflective person who needs to slow down my everyday life to just think and meditate to be at peace. If I don’t get to have a moment to myself and have my space to reflect I feel uneasy and get anxiety very easily. It’s easy to just get caught in the daily chaos and forget to wind down and just take a deep breathe. I always get to remind myself of what is really important when I’m travelling or get a moment like that totally alone. Alone, yet surrounded by people all around me. Everyone in the same situation. So next time you’re travelling, plan ahead, find a special tune or song to listen to and just listen inwards. Take a deep breathe and just relax. Think about your blessings and count them. Think about the people you love and how much they mean to you. I like to daydream a lot (hello, I’m a Pisces) so I take the moment to think about nice memories or nice future memories that I’d like to come true. Thinking about how to achieve my dreams. All while having that special song in your headphones.
    My airplane music is called Endless Skies by my favourite band in the whole world, VNV Nation.
    That song is not a very typical representation of their sound, they’re more towards the industrial synth sound.

    Let’s listen to this now, meditate and reflect on life:


    What’s your airplane music?

    Peace and Love,

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    No words can describe…

    …how much one song and melody means to me. I needed to share it with the world just in case anyone has missed out on hearing these beautiful lyrics. It’s by an alternative synth band called VNV Nation. The song is called Beloved. It’s beyond beautiful and so melancholic that it makes the perfect mixture. I always find the beauty in melancholic and sad things, such as music and lyrics. You can even hear it in the melody by the end when it reaches its climax and releases the last chorus (from 5:25 and forward). I’d play it on my memorial or funeral, sorry for being so morbid but it deserves all praise it can get from me. I didn’t know a song or a melody I should say can make me feel so emotional such as this one does, especially when you get towards the end and everything just…releases. It’s so pure.
    I probably sound insane for describing a song like this but you should give it a try:

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    Endless skies

    Looking up at the sky this Friday evening and I see clouds up in the sky. Similar clouds I just flew through a few days ago sitting in an airplane. The vision of seeing the earth and the clouds below you while sitting in a plane high above; it’s just marvelous. Beautiful.
    I always listen to one song in my iPod when I’m in an airplane on my way somewhere else in this world, and that is Endless Skies by VNV Nation.
    I have a story behind that song and why it means so much to me. When I first got introduced to VNV Nation I heard this song. It was as if it finally clicked for me with music. His music was exactly what I had been missing. Their music has helped me through a lot of rough and tough times in my life. Whenever I travelled I chose to listen to this song and just drift away, in my mind, in my day dreams and just entirely in my own world. That is bliss. When nothing else matters.

    They sang this song at the concert, and it always makes me emotional when I hear it live. I don’t cry in public, never have and never want to, even though I’m the most sensitive person I know of. Despite that and when all the lights are down and the only light lit is on stage and this song is playing; I get tears in my eyes… out of joy, sorrow and pain – all at the same time. Emotions huh, they are confusing but yet so powerful.