Endless skies

Looking up at the sky this Friday evening and I see clouds up in the sky. Similar clouds I just flew through a few days ago sitting in an airplane. The vision of seeing the earth and the clouds below you while sitting in a plane high above; it’s just marvelous. Beautiful.
I always listen to one song in my iPod when I’m in an airplane on my way somewhere else in this world, and that is Endless Skies by VNV Nation.
I have a story behind that song and why it means so much to me. When I first got introduced to VNV Nation I heard this song. It was as if it finally clicked for me with music. His music was exactly what I had been missing. Their music has helped me through a lot of rough and tough times in my life. Whenever I travelled I chose to listen to this song and just drift away, in my mind, in my day dreams and just entirely in my own world. That is bliss. When nothing else matters.

They sang this song at the concert, and it always makes me emotional when I hear it live. I don’t cry in public, never have and never want to, even though I’m the most sensitive person I know of. Despite that and when all the lights are down and the only light lit is on stage and this song is playing; I get tears in my eyes… out of joy, sorrow and pain – all at the same time. Emotions huh, they are confusing but yet so powerful.

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