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    Airplane Music

    I have always been a very reflective person who needs to slow down my everyday life to just think and meditate to be at peace. If I don’t get to have a moment to myself and have my space to reflect I feel uneasy and get anxiety very easily. It’s easy to just get caught in the daily chaos and forget to wind down and just take a deep breathe. I always get to remind myself of what is really important when I’m travelling or get a moment like that totally alone. Alone, yet surrounded by people all around me. Everyone in the same situation. So next time you’re travelling, plan ahead, find a special tune or song to listen to and just listen inwards. Take a deep breathe and just relax. Think about your blessings and count them. Think about the people you love and how much they mean to you. I like to daydream a lot (hello, I’m a Pisces) so I take the moment to think about nice memories or nice future memories that I’d like to come true. Thinking about how to achieve my dreams. All while having that special song in your headphones.
    My airplane music is called Endless Skies by my favourite band in the whole world, VNV Nation.
    That song is not a very typical representation of their sound, they’re more towards the industrial synth sound.

    Let’s listen to this now, meditate and reflect on life:


    What’s your airplane music?

    Peace and Love,

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    Proud of my heritage

    My relationship with my native country India has been up and down throughout the years. Since I’m born and raised in one of the most opposite countries to India, culture wise, that is Sweden, one can say it’s been the major reason for my very mixed cultural experience. While sitting in the flight back home, via Turkey, I’ve had my fair amount of reflection time, as I usually do while travelling places. Growing up it was a natural milestone to travel to India every other year to visit family and relatives; my parents wanted us to get a glimpse of India and our heritage from an early age. When growing up and being a teenager I found it particularly hard to motivate myself to travel there again and again. Relatives moved far away from India and soon everything I had associated with the trips would no longer be awaiting us, and perhaps it was my way of not wanting to accept change, but I briefly lost interest in India overall throughout those years.
    This summer I’ve had a rewarding and thought provoking trip to India where I’ve reached a whole new level of my relationship to India, in a very positive way. Of course these kind of thoughts don’t come over night, it’s been an ongoing process mentally over the past few years, embracing my heritage and being a Swede with Indian roots. I am more than ever interested in Indian languages and regret not going from learning Punjabi to knowing Hindi at a more earlier age, so that I could be fluent while travelling all over beautiful India. I’ve come to terms with accepting the country for what it truly is; a great independant nation with all kinds of people, religions and cultures gathered in a country as big and wide as a continent. I can see the beauty in what I see out in the streets of the captal, New Delhi, or just as well travelling between cities and seeing agriculture, old houses and slums being side byΒ  side with 5-star fancy exclusive hotel chains. Watching how people help out each other in the streets while parking your car in the most narrow street with all kinds of difficult obstacles you wouldn’t cope on your own, or just simply reaching out for each other despite being strangers. Walking side by side with the lowest ranked citizens of India’s caste system, while on the other side seeing people unbelievably wealthy. Everyone has a place in this giant naton called India, despite all injustices that exist. I just wish I could do more for the poor people, I want to save them all from this horrible poverty. By travelling to a country like India, you can’t help but to involve all your senses and emotions, even the ones you thought you have forgotten about in comfortable and safe Sweden/Scandinavia, they all become alive and floods through your system and it makes you more compassionate. You embrace the world with all its flaws and don’t just take your calm good life for granted when you get home. The important thing after all is that these emotions and thoughts don’t stop or shut down just because you travel home. I will forever be grateful to my family for introducing me to my heritage and home country so I can in turn make my future children know where they came from and also feel this sense of pride that I finally can say that I do.

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    Wherever you will go

    Just heard the captain in the flight say “wish you a pleasant evening wherever you go next” and it sounded so nice. Wherever you will go next in life kind of. We’re always on our way to places and on the move, that’s what I’ve felt like the past few years when I look back. I always look back to my past and into my future and all kinds of thoughts pop into my head when I take a flight somewhere. It’s amazing how such a small thing seems to affect me so much and puts me in a reflective state of mind. Always. I even have specific special songs that I’ve downloaded from Spotify to my phone so I don’t have any trouble listening to them in my flight in case they wouldn’t have Wi-Fi. Those songs are usually the ones putting me into that state of mind but they’re also a bit melancholic in tune. I guess that’s what I prefer listening to when thinking over things. I like the feeling of sadness and how it makes you appreciate things. Music is truly powerful and it can make you want to remember what the song means to you and what memories it brings up to the surface that might have been hidden for years. While other songs are meant to just make you forget the moment right now and fly into another world where everything is just the way you want it to be – free.
    I will share one of the songs I listen to in airplanes. What’s your airplane music?

    Peace and love,

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    New City – Level 2 of Life

    I’ve recently moved to Stockholm and this is my first move outside of my own city, which wasn’t that bad or small or anything (it was 2nd largest in Sweden) – this is just much larger. I love the feeling I get now when I walk the streets and I have to explore and recognise buildings to be able to find myself to places, otherwise you get too comfortable with your surroundings and you get to do the same thing over and over in the same old city you already know by heart. It’s easy to become that comfortable person who takes the same tram or train that they know will take them home and never try to find new ways or shortcuts, but this time I’m working on not being that person and find myself new ways every day.
    Too many people I’ve worked with in the past in Gothenburg have been those types of people; the ones that would only do things they’re comfortable with and used to do. I know everyone is different and what I’m doing right now might not be everyone’s cup of tea – the idea of moving somewhere else and start a new life might be terrifying to many people. But I just did it, and right now it’s not as terrifying as I thought it might be. As long as you have some people around you that you care about, it’s a good start.

    I’ll be updating more as I get more acquainted with the city and the life here.

    Peace and Love,

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    New directions in Life

    One day you wake up with a burning desire to change something in your life – you just don’t know what it is. I have gone to work every weekday for 2 years now after my studies and you could say that I’ve started to feel the sense of that routine life that people are talking about. I never wanted to be part of a boring daily life that only revolves around the work 9-5, so I’ve always tried to engage myself in other after-work activities as much as I can or allow myself to. Sometimes there’s this stress to do and achieve as much as you possibly can over a day or a weekend just because you want to enjoy every single moment and minute of your free time. When you fail to do that, I always get anxiety over the fact that I’m not making the most of my time. Those aspects still needs a change – to learn how to relax.
    But in another aspect of life I figured out that I could make a change – at work. Change of tasks and change of environment. So I applied for another position somewhere else. It was a drastic and almost thoughtless decision; it was as if it just came to me. I love my home town but sometimes what you need is to get away a bit and get some perspective on life and things in general by moving away a bit from your comfort zone – which is where home is.
    I attended a 3-day course in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm – and I was just drawn towards that office, those people and that life style. I loved the atmosphere and I loved the way I felt about myself there. I loved the attitude of both myself and the people I met there. Positive.
    Sometimes you don’t need to change a lot to slowly get where you want to be, just take a tiny step – which I did; right after I came home from the course.
    I always wonder when people mention that they followed their intuition or their instinct when they acted and did something. This time I can honestly say that it was the intuition that made me choose to apply for another position within my job and to look outside my comfort zone without thinking twice. I believe that’s my inner self guiding me right. This is what I need right now. So let’s bring it on – this next step in life.

    Peace and love,

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    Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

    I’ve been sitting here for the past hour or two to pick out nice pictures from the year that has gone by – 2012. These below are my favourite ones that show some high points from my 2012 and illustrates what I’ve been up to during the year. Next year I will buy a new camera to take more amazing photos in much better quality. Need to capture the moments! πŸ˜‰

    / Kimmi

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    2012 – an Amazing year

    This year has been amazing. Year 2012. The first complete year I have worked at HP – at my first real job. It’s been a great journey and experience so far and it will continue into 2013.
    I have travelled to some places in the world – as I try to do each year. This year I’ve been to beautiful Vienna, amazing Budapest and incredible India and I started year 2012 in Copenhagen. I wonder which adventures 2013 will take me on. Some places/countries on my list would be: Stockholm, South of Europe, South India (Mumbai, Goa, Kerala e.g.)… and the list goes on. Most of these journeys that are nearby Sweden would have to be done over weekends due to my job, but that’s okay. An extended weekend is always a nice way to get away from work and stress, a good way of relaxing (unless you plan to tourist around hectically for two days).
    The trip to India was the most amazing thing during the year – something I’ve wanted to do since I last went there 10 years ago. I promise myself that it won’t be as seldom as every 10 years from now on. I really started to connect with my roots this time and I really believe that the more I go now that I’m an adult the more I will feel comfortable there. It’s hard to imagine the future when I might have to go without family and rely on my own judgement when it comes to India – it’s such a large country and so much to learn – it’s just mesmerising.
    I have started my writing journey for real this year, I have made a lot of research for my book writing process and I have jotted down many ideas for it. Looking forward to 2013 when I will focus a lot on my writing and reading inspiring books.
    I’ve met some inspiring people through work and that has made my job more fun in the office – it’s just too bad to see them go when projects end. That’s when I think about the fact that the world is so large and the friends feel further and further away from me – all spread out in the world. I suppose that’s when we all should be thankful for technology and IT – to be able to connect worldwide with people we want to stay in touch with. But still, it’s not the same as sitting opposite to someone and have a real conversation – that’s precious.

    Happy new year, everyone! πŸ™‚ Hope 2013 brings you a lot of joy, good health and insight. I intend to make it a great one!


    Endless skies

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    Endless skies

    Looking up at the sky this Friday evening and I see clouds up in the sky. Similar clouds I just flew through a few days ago sitting in an airplane. The vision of seeing the earth and the clouds below you while sitting in a plane high above; it’s just marvelous. Beautiful.
    I always listen to one song in my iPod when I’m in an airplane on my way somewhere else in this world, and that is Endless Skies by VNV Nation.
    I have a story behind that song and why it means so much to me. When I first got introduced to VNV Nation I heard this song. It was as if it finally clicked for me with music. His music was exactly what I had been missing. Their music has helped me through a lot of rough and tough times in my life. Whenever I travelled I chose to listen to this song and just drift away, in my mind, in my day dreams and just entirely in my own world. That is bliss. When nothing else matters.

    They sang this song at the concert, and it always makes me emotional when I hear it live. I don’t cry in public, never have and never want to, even though I’m the most sensitive person I know of. Despite that and when all the lights are down and the only light lit is on stage and this song is playing; I get tears in my eyes… out of joy, sorrow and pain – all at the same time. Emotions huh, they are confusing but yet so powerful.

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    A journey to open my eyes

    I have returned back home from the trip to India. It has been a long journey both mentally and physically for me. I have a lot of things to reflect on after this journey so I can come to peace with my thoughts that were in chaos while I was there. It is very hard to keep the mind focused when in a country like India, where everything happens simultaneously and the noises are high from the people and the traffic. There is barely any room to think a quiet thought.

    While we travelled in car from Delhi to Agra, Agra to Jaipur and Jaipur to Delhi, those were my moments when I could listen to my iPod and just let my mind wander. Think about everything new I was observing and try to reflect on how life in India must be for people I saw outside of my window. How different things are on the other side of the world from where I grew up.
    Last time, 10 years ago, I just followed whatever we did or didn’t do while being there. This time I knew it would be more special, since I’m grown up and can perceive the world from different eyes today.
    I’ve changed in just three weeks. Grown. Things are not the same anymore, for me.
    We all grow and change every day, but while travelling and while reflecting and philosophising meanwhile, I believe we grow even faster, mentally. This was a journey that was the key to understanding and accepting my heritage. It’s one of those journeys that people who have been brought up in two cultures would understand the meaning of. It’s very important to remember who you are, and where you are from. That is what creates a good base for the future. I believe that this journey was exactly what I needed to understand India and Indian people more. I’m grateful.