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New directions in Life

One day you wake up with a burning desire to change something in your life – you just don’t know what it is. I have gone to work every weekday for 2 years now after my studies and you could say that I’ve started to feel the sense of that routine life that people are talking about. I never wanted to be part of a boring daily life that only revolves around the work 9-5, so I’ve always tried to engage myself in other after-work activities as much as I can or allow myself to. Sometimes there’s this stress to do and achieve as much as you possibly can over a day or a weekend just because you want to enjoy every single moment and minute of your free time. When you fail to do that, I always get anxiety over the fact that I’m not making the most of my time. Those aspects still needs a change – to learn how to relax.
But in another aspect of life I figured out that I could make a change – at work. Change of tasks and change of environment. So I applied for another position somewhere else. It was a drastic and almost thoughtless decision; it was as if it just came to me. I love my home town but sometimes what you need is to get away a bit and get some perspective on life and things in general by moving away a bit from your comfort zone – which is where home is.
I attended a 3-day course in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm – and I was just drawn towards that office, those people and that life style. I loved the atmosphere and I loved the way I felt about myself there. I loved the attitude of both myself and the people I met there. Positive.
Sometimes you don’t need to change a lot to slowly get where you want to be, just take a tiny step – which I did; right after I came home from the course.
I always wonder when people mention that they followed their intuition or their instinct when they acted and did something. This time I can honestly say that it was the intuition that made me choose to apply for another position within my job and to look outside my comfort zone without thinking twice. I believe that’s my inner self guiding me right. This is what I need right now. So let’s bring it on – this next step in life.

Peace and love,

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