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    Just a reminder…

    Just heard this song again after some years, and it sparked an emotion in me that I recognise a lot. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves for not being enough. I need to remind myself every now and then. It’s not only about vanity and looks, it’s about people not recognising you for being yourself and doing your best even in the hardest times. It’s easy to judge from afar, but you can never know what’s going on in someone’s life and how they are dealing with their hardships. We walk around with a smile on our faces even in times of pain. Sometimes we just need to be able to take off that mask, and be free.

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    C/O GERD Unisex Deodorant

    I made a video about a year ago where I mentioned that I transitioned over to Aluminium-free deodorants because of all the studies linking the high amount of aluminium in the arm pit area to breast cancer. It’s not been proven, but there are a lot of studies that point in that direction. After about 6-8 months of trying my best to stick to aluminium free deodorants, it just didn’t work for me in stressful situations or when working out. I constantly felt that I either had to reapply throughout the day or bring a long an extra T-shirt that I could change to because of the drenched T-shirts I was wearing after just half a day at work. I didn’t feel comfortable when summer was approaching so I had to revert back to aluminium deodorants. I was really sad that I couldn’t succeed with continuing on my natural journey since it seemed like it had worked for so many people. I guess everyone is different and we all sweat differently. I think for me it was mostly during stressful situations and at work where it was cold in the office, that I found myself sweating more.
    Long story short, here I am again with another go at going aluminium free. With the help of this brand that is Swedish, called C/O Gerd. It’s a unisex deodorant and it was the only one left in my local chemist. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s gonna do it’s magic. I will be providing an update in some weeks from now, because they usually say that it takes many weeks for the body to get rid of the traces of the aluminium deodorant.

    C/O GERD UNISEX DEODORANT. Bought at Apotek Hjärtat, Stockholm.

    C/O Gerd Unisex deodorant

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Madeline

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    Winter Essentials for your Skin | Natural Beauty

    • Face pack made of: chickpea flour, turmeric, milk or vegetable milk, almond oil, aloe vera gel, rose water, yoghurt (optional). Once a week. Apply the mixture to the face and let dry for 20-25 min and wash off while you scrub it off at the same time.

    • Lip scrub: organic raw sugar grains, honey, olive oil and aloe vera gel. Mix all ingredients
    • Bedtime serum: coconut oil, argan oil and rosehip oil. Mix together 5 drops of each in your palm and blend together in your hands, apply gently on your face with light strokes and dont forget your neck and collarbones. Also apply this under your eyes and on your eye lids before going to bed. Any leftovers on your fingers can be used on your eye brows to make them grow more and rub the rest on your hands as a moisturising hand serum.
    • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from the inside. The winter time dries our skin a lot so we need to take care of it with the right nutrition and water intake. Aim for at least 2 liters of water a day and remember to listen to your body and give it more the days you’re feeling dehydrated.
    • Use sun protection even though it’s winter time. The sun rays are always there even if it’s a cloudy winter day and you need to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays that damage your skin much faster. I usually just use it under makeup and let it sink in a bit before applying the rest of my routine. The sun protection in the foundation is not always enough since it can rub off throughout the day.

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    My new self – healthy and fit

    I have a new fitness goal now, to be as fit as I’ve ever been in my life until summer 2013. It’s six months left and they will be filled with hard-core exercise almost every day. Some might say: “you don’t need to exercise, you’re so slim anyway…” I’ve heard it before but I won’t listen to those words again, it’s a trap. A trap towards slowly being one of those that sits at home and relaxes just a little bit too much and eats unhealthy food and no matter how slim I am today, that habit will become bad and my body will start becoming unhealthy from the inside. That is all that matters; the inside. Everyone needs to be a little bit active in their lives, even though “you don’t need to” like myself. I don’t want to be tired and lacking energy anymore, I’m through with that phase. I am from this moment embracing a healthy diet and healthy exercise to become what I really want to be – full of energy to do anything I want. It clears my head and mind and will probably cure my insomnia issues I’ve had for the last year or two – already becoming a bit better.
    I have already one year at the gym behind me so getting into the habit shouldn’t be a problem, it’s all about having the motivation and inspiration to do this.
    You can do this too, start writing about it or join a friend so it’s easier to maintain the new routine. But you just have to remember that when you get started it’s only you who can push yourself to the limits, no one else can do it for you. Get inspired by people’s blogs, videos and so on to find out what’s best for you to focus on. It might be just as little of a change as taking the stairs every day, or to take a walk instead of the bus a couple of stops or something similar. It makes a huge difference when you start moving and becoming more active. I intend to stick with this new routine because I love the way it makes me feel.

    Peace and love,

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    Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

    I’ve been sitting here for the past hour or two to pick out nice pictures from the year that has gone by – 2012. These below are my favourite ones that show some high points from my 2012 and illustrates what I’ve been up to during the year. Next year I will buy a new camera to take more amazing photos in much better quality. Need to capture the moments! 😉

    / Kimmi