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“I would take a bullet for you”

I now know what this sentence means. I’ve been wondering for such a long time what it would  mean to be able to say that for someone. This occurred to me while I was reading a book. The book’s name is “The fault in our stars” by John Green. Mind blowing book, it made me smile and cry – but mostly it left me with a melancholic feeling.
I won’t go into depth what the book is about and spoil the story for you guys, but I wanted to share the feelings the book gave me – like all kinds of art do in different ways.
The book covers a lot about life and death and everything in between, to capture the small moments and to live your life in the present – because one day it might end suddenly. It’s not a dramatic book, which I love, it’s very humble and honest about the whole topic which is what makes it so great. I’m not very scared of death itself, but more of losing someone I love – I honestly don’t think I’m made for that. Reading that book made me realise how fragile I am in that sense. Or sensitive I would say. Far too sensitive that I let a book story get to me like that…anyway. The book is also about love, and this is the point I wanted to share more about.
The innocent love between the couple in the book is just so beautiful and inspiring. One thing I’ve learnt is that one should never hold your feelings back, always show your warm feelings to the person you care about so they know and are aware. I can’t emphasise enough on the fact that I more rather give love endlessly to the people I care about, than to only care for receiving love. To be as selfless as possible has always been my goal, and this is what I find here in this book between the two of them. Selfless love. Or maybe that’s another word for unconditional love. Usually it’s not the moments and particular memories you will think of when you remember a person, but how a person has made you feel. It’s just amazing how when you remember memories all the good ones that made you feel happy always pops up first – at least for me.
I just wanted to share some words on that book and that I do recommend it to everyone, especially young audiences since it’s about this 16-year old girl. But it totally works fine for older people as well since it deals with such a universal subject that everyone can deal with. The reason I recommend the book is mostly because it makes you open your eyes a bit for your surroundings, and to not take your near and dear ones for granted.

Love and Peace,

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