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    Communication and Connection

    In the end it’s the tiny little things that matter for us and makes us feel understood and loved. All we ever want is to be understood I believe. When we’re not getting the response we’re looking for when we tell about our day, about that amazing trip we made or a tiny detail about some delicious food we’ve tried, slowly but surely we forget to share. When we don’t share our excitement with the ones we love, slowly but surely our passions wither away. Unknowingly.

    All you need to do is to listen more to people around you, what are they really saying behind the stories and the words. There’s a long lost child’s perspective, and children get hurt for the tiniest littlest things. That we carry on throughout our adulthood without always knowing. Just be mindful. Listen. The connection will come naturally.

    If you can’t show this sort of compassion to the ones around you, you’re not really paying attention to what’s really going on under the surface. What’s true. What really matters in the end.

    Kimmi Niroopinder

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    Starting an Online Jewelry Boutique!

    I am finally announcing what my side-project is all about! I have for a while now been thinking of starting my own business, within something I’m passionate about. Too much time has passed since it was all thoughts and ideas, and I thought to myself that it’s time to not look back and just take action. I have been researching into all kinds of related subjects since this is a huge topic which mostly is pretty new to me. I’ve chosen an e-commerce platform to use and I chose Shopify. It seems pretty easy and scalable if and when the business becomes larger and you have a lot of products listed. I’m already super excited to get my e-boutique launched and be able to share it with all of you.

    You might wonder what my shop is going to be selling. 🙂
    I’ll be selecting unique and special pieces of jewelry (silver and other materials) and accessories from India, Thailand and South Asia, with an oriental and special design that I find too little of here in Sweden or in the West generally. Of course I will also buy in all kinds of popular trendy jewellery that can be used for an everyday look. I will begin with the Nordic region, and quite soon expand to ship to the whole Europe, and when I’m more stable I’ll include the whole wide world; so everyone can enjoy a piece of the East in the West.
    I’m also looking into specializing in more cool Indian accessories that I can easily get hold of when I travel to India next time. More focus on quality material that is specific to India and that region, which is great for scarfs, clothes and accessories.

    The second aspect, and the key to my business is that portions of the sales will be donated to charity organisations I’ve chosen to work with. One of my greatest wishes for the world is for it to be less poverty, and I can only do so much on my own with my contributions to try to work towards changing the world. Therefore I would like to ask for your help to help the world, to give back to the society and to help people in need. The smallest gesture can help, buying a piece of jewellery from my shop will contribute to charity organisation working specifically with women and helping them getting a solid income so they can provide for their family and themselves; thus becoming more independent.

    UPDATE in Aug -16: Due to some delays in some tasks the launch of the online jewellery shop will be planned for to the end of this year (2016). I will be sharing more details regarding the business as I get closer to launch date. Stay tuned!


    Peace and Love,

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    New City – Level 2 of Life

    I’ve recently moved to Stockholm and this is my first move outside of my own city, which wasn’t that bad or small or anything (it was 2nd largest in Sweden) – this is just much larger. I love the feeling I get now when I walk the streets and I have to explore and recognise buildings to be able to find myself to places, otherwise you get too comfortable with your surroundings and you get to do the same thing over and over in the same old city you already know by heart. It’s easy to become that comfortable person who takes the same tram or train that they know will take them home and never try to find new ways or shortcuts, but this time I’m working on not being that person and find myself new ways every day.
    Too many people I’ve worked with in the past in Gothenburg have been those types of people; the ones that would only do things they’re comfortable with and used to do. I know everyone is different and what I’m doing right now might not be everyone’s cup of tea – the idea of moving somewhere else and start a new life might be terrifying to many people. But I just did it, and right now it’s not as terrifying as I thought it might be. As long as you have some people around you that you care about, it’s a good start.

    I’ll be updating more as I get more acquainted with the city and the life here.

    Peace and Love,

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    Laser eye surgery – LASEK – 2 weeks left..

    It’s less than two weeks left and I’m doing the countdown to my laser eye surgery. The treatment that I’m going to get is called LASEK (No Cut) and the healing time is about a week, give or take. I’m totally excited about it, but at the same time I’m nervous because it’s such a big deal to do a surgery for the eyes. I have pretty bad eye sight today so it would be such a blessing to be able to see properly without having to correct it with contacts or glasses. Waking up in the morning and be able to see the clock and where I put my mobile phone. To be able to take a shower and see where I’m shaving without having to put glasses on (that are steamy and watery). To not have to think about taking extra contacts with me if I spontaneously need to spend the night somewhere other than home. There are so many scenarios I can think of that would make my life easier, so I can’t wait to get this done!
    My plan is to make a video journal for each day after the surgery so I can remember the progress if anyone ever wants my advice on it afterwards. I’ve been asking people around me at the office if they’ve done it, so I can get some advice, but usually they only remember the result and have forgotten how it felt like during the first few painful days.
    So when I’m off to Stockholm for work during next week, I’m going to look for some nice sunglasses I could use right after the surgery. I would need to sit with those on both indoors and outdoors, especially if it’s going to be sunny – even during winter time.

    I’ll come back with more details and progress regarding this in two weeks.

    Peace and Love,

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    Driving lessons

    I have recently started my driving lessons with a driving instructor. Have never driven a car previously so we started from the very basic level. I had no expectations and wasn’t even nervous for my first lesson. The feelings I get from each session are so exhilarating and exciting that it’s hard to imagine other things giving me the same kick I get from driving. I guess it has to do with  the fact that I’m learning something entirely new and it requires all my senses to be entirely awake to be able to take it all in. To be rewarded and progress in that process is a very positive feeling and I don’t want it to end. Although I know it will, when I know how to drive better I guess the rush I get from it nowadays will gradually reduce.
    But no matter what I will be happy to get the license and buy a car eventually, hopefully this year. Many road trips to come! 🙂