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Poem: Mystery called Life

This dreamlike atmosphere
Hypnotic dimension
Romanticizes, and
Awakens you
From this mad
State of trance
Joining consciousness
Far into the abyss
Far from this mystery
This world we call

Bury all memories
Float away
Like a cloud
Into the ether
Don’t dig deep
Into the past
Of what could have been
Create a new dimension
Dream it
into life.

Peace and Love,
Kimmi Sandhu

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  • Manoj Upadhyaya

    When I began reading this poetry ,the first para was tending towards fatalism and the illusion of life . But the 2nd para lights up the whole meaning , with its underlying message to drown and bury the past and moving on to create the new !
    We create a new life in every moment and your poetry reinforces it with its poetic beauty of expression . A good read on a Saturday , pls keep writing / I love your poetries which are often imbued with melancholy , pain but in a sombre way of reflecting life ‘s realities and inspiring to see the beauty in life in their reflection . Waiting for the next one , when is it coming ?!

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