Sad reality

So much sadness overwhelms me when I close my eyes and think about poverty in the world. It’s so unfair, this world. What is karma, really? I can’t believe that everyone deserves what they’re given, if what is given is nothing. Nothing to work themselves up from. I’ve seen a lot while travelling, and it’s just made me more humble and wanting to help people in need more than before. I just don’t know what to do, what can little I do? Charity? Volunteer? Not sure if volunteering here is going to help against poverty by being here in Sweden. I like my home, and I like where I am, but I can’t just sit and watch.
Been surfing around for charity organisations from Sweden and they all have this message they want to reach out with, which I’m not sure what to think of, since I think it affects you emotionally so much that you want to give more than you can afford if you’re anything like me. “How many children do you want to help off the streets?” That question… insane to even ask. How many?!
Well, anyway enough of me babbling about this, it’s not going to help by me feeling sad about it. It’s just reality…

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