Healthy mornings

From now on I will have breakfast every morning and it’s going to be handmade by myself. I just got really inspired to start drinking fruit smoothies that I blend myself with a mixer. Together with some protein powder it will be a boost of energy, exactly what I’ve been craving lately. I think that this will inspire me to continue the search for a bit more healthy food.
I really don’t mind fast food, I love fast food from time to time, but it still doesn’t always make me feel good afterwards. I feel tired, exhausted or just lack energy after such a meal. It might have to do with my body metabolism is not made for that type of food, and since I’m skinny it might take all the energy I have to digest all the fat in fast food. It’s just a theory, but it might be true. As long as healthy food can make me feel more energized I will be happy.
I don’t mind eating more vegetarian food either, but it also lacks a lot of protein which my body especially needs because of my low blood pressure. So it’s going to be a challenge, but this time I will do something about it. Cook more often and eat a healthy breakfast. I believe that it’s a good start.
My first step would be to find a good blender, I will buy it this week. Already making a shopping list of all the fruits and stuff I will use.


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