India – A whole different world

India is like a different world in itself. Everyone do as they please and create their own rules as they move along. Traffic can be chaotic but it looks as if they have it under control. I just look like a lost person trying to get across the street when I’ve been thinking the opposite. I look around me and I see people who believe. They believe in their life, they believe in God, they have faith that things get better.
It’s very different for me to visit India since it isn’t at all alike what I’ve grown up with. Am I the one who is spoiled or do we just have to wait a few generations for India to catch up with the west? What is the best? To have it all but forget how to appreciate it? Or is it to embrace all good in life and give back to society in any way you can. Try to be someone who wants a change in this world. I want a world which is free from poverty. I want people to share their love and resources in a better way. I still believe…too.

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