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    Vienna / Wien | Travel Photos

    Wien. Vienna. Austria. Ă–sterrike. Such an underestimated city that has so much to offer to a traveller. I have been here since last Friday and I love the vibe of the country. At this moment I’m sipping on the last moments of being in this town, since we’re going back in 2 days. I’ve got some pictures to share with you all that shows some of my best captures of this journey. 

    I’ve got no more travel plans set in stone currently although I have some ideas of the next visits. The US, California. Roadtrip in Europe. Rome. Berlin once again, since it’s been some years and I feel the need to breathe in some Berlin air quite soon. Long overdue. 

    Hope you have had a great Easter holiday and enjoy looking through the pictures below and be inspired to make a trip to Vienna yourself. 

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Madeline 

    Picnic with Indian food 

    @ Cafe Neko – visiting some cats in this adorable cat cafĂ© 

    @ Cafe Sacher 

    @ Jonas Reindl Coffee