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    Morning rituals

    Mornings are such a great time to relax and take it easy, to have some time for yourself. It’s all quiet and harmonious in your mind and usually not much disturbance around you. My ideal morning would be to get up when the alarm sets off and not to feel so tired, moving on to your morning rituals and then have some time for yoga. Start the whole session with a few minutes of silence with yourself, to breathe in the new day and be at peace. No stress and no rushing anywhere. Stretching and doing some yoga postures to get the body moving and becoming more flexible. After the short yoga session, jump in the shower and eat a good full breakfast. Getting dressed and ready to face the new day of new challenges and opportunities. Then I also believe it’s easier to embrace the work with a bit more calm and stress-free attitude. It increases our productivity and we’re more in harmony with ourselves.

    I will create another post shortly regarding a sleep experiment I will do. But at the moment I’m not able to because I suffer from insomnia and I’m in the middle of moving to another flat. These are the times when I really need the yoga and meditation, it calms me down and tells me not to worry nor to stress because nothing good has ever come out of that.

    Peace and love,