• Poetry

    Poem: Rose Petals

    The petals of the rose
    One by one
    Keep falling out
    Withers and dies
    Just like each moment
    Every blink of an eye
    Never coming back
    Are never coming back.

    Instagram: @misskimmisandhu and @moonovermumbai

    Peace and love,
    Kimmi Sandhu

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Peace and Harmony

    The invisible pain
    Building up inside
    The tears flowing
    Boiling through
    The deepest well
    Will we ever be?
    Known and free
    Will we ever know,
    peace and harmony?


    Flowing back and forth
    Two sides of a coin
    Tides and flows
    Moments in time
    Just like the whispers,
    I call out carefully
    In the moonlit night

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai



  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poems: No more dreams

    Dreams are the window to the inner soul

    What we really desire and long for

    Appear before our eyes in the full moon night

    The truth of our inner secrets come clean

    In the dawn of light

    Closing my eyes to see clearly

    The images flash by in an instant

    Holding onto the last moments

    Lifetimes of love tear me apart

    In two pieces

    One more raw than the other

    Suffocating when I can’t breathe in

    The full spectrum of,

    Your oxygen.

    There is no answer to what I believe

    No matter what is being said

    Dreams can only tell, in time.

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Just Another Day

    Sitting here on the edge

    Heart is skipping a beat

    Scattered mind,

    Endless thoughts

    Of what if,

    The pain would disappear

    The heavy weight

    Drags me down

    Under the surface

    Trying to catch a breath

    Live to see another day.

    ⁃ Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Lifetime of emotion

    I’m wide awake and dreaming
    It’s 4.30 am and you’re sleeping
    World is spinning ’round
    In my lucid dream
    I can hear your voice
    Calling out my name
    One last time.

    In this endless moonless night
    Where dreams have stopped
    Eyes wide open
    Longing for relief
    Open wounds in my soul
    Will they ever melt away?

    Overcome and overrun
    By memory of forgotten pain
    Drowning, in a never-ending ocean
    Tears shed, for a lifetime of emotion
    Always here, always near.

    Peace and Love,
    Kimmi Madeline

    “I own my story. No one else”

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Suffocated

    Poem from: 2009-03-28

    Dry as paper
    Cut it open
    Dripping out
    Drops of pain
    Swallow some air
    Dry lungs
    Feel it
    In the veins
    Through body
    And soul
    Forever young
    Forever the same.

    -Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Painful urges

    Poem from: 2010-06-07

    The hand clutches the pain
    In a moment that feels so real
    Feel the surface of grief
    Touch the sadness of a tear
    The dreams are floating above
    In a cloud they move away
    So hard to reach
    So hard to catch

    The nails dig in so deep
    They cut through the pain
    Like aching misery in the shell
    Red drips of burning sensation
    Drops of joy, drops of fear
    Sense of relief empowers me
    All through my body
    So hard to resist
    So hard to control

    The tragic spin to life
    of urges taking over
    Tearing the wings apart
    Like the newborn bird
    Unable to fly
    But always willing to try
    Shouting silently in vain
    Feeling so powerless,
    But yet so strong.

    -Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: My endless love

    Poem from: 2010-11-27

    It’s tied around my heart
    – The Rope

    It’s making me want to scream
    – The Pain

    The blood pumps through my veins
    – In Vain

    I’m about to take one last breath
    – To Sleep

    Drown in to an eternity of dreams
    – Bliss

    Empowered by your endless love
    – To Death

    -Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai