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    Towards Jaipur by car

    Sitting and listening to my ipod while everyone else are sleeping in the car. While we visited a fort on the way to Jaipur the guide told us that it was 48 degrees. I can’t believe how people can live in this type of sauna heat.
    While we travel by car sometimes I see beggars on the roads when in small towns we pass. I can’t help but to feel that I want to save them all from this. But of course I can’t. I feel sad that so large part of my home country lives in poverty. Just because the higher class has it good it seems like they neglect the less fortunate. It’s the higher classes that are able to enjoy themselves in this country. Because it takes a lot to get good standard on things around here.
    We’re living in four to five star hotels here. So far tried two in Delhi and Agra. It’s very clean and properly maintained. They provide excellent service at these hotels. In Agra we stayed in a more traditional hotel (Grand Imperial) but it was the nicest so far. There was a beautiful swimming pool there that would have been so nice to try out in this heat but I forgot my bikini back home in Sweden. Not the easiest thing to find stuff to buy the first days here.
    We walked around in Delhi a bit the first day and I felt that the traffic is so crazy and chaotic. Very hard to pass a street if there are places without traffic lights, I ran to avoid being hit by something. I got a bit panicked there for a few, but people seem to be able to get around here without problem so I guess it has to do with practice.
    In some ways I blend in the crowd but most of the times people stare at me here because they can probably tell the difference. Especially the guys… No need to get me started on that topic. Needs a totally separate post for that.