• Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Coming Home

    My journey started where it will end

    Oceans and lands away from here

    A place I call my real home

    Inner dual voices tell me

    How to really feel

    Letting go of the imaginary world

    Float deeper, and deeper

    To another dimension

    Looking up at the sky

    Wondering where we will go

    Do we meet after all of this

    When the questions have been answered

    I have been waiting for this

    All of my lifetimes

    To finish what I started

    The unfinished story

    Of another time and age

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Dynamic Frequencies

    The taste of the air is fresh

    Crisp and present

    Breathing in a sense of peace

    Dreaming of tomorrow

    Brings my breath to a calm

    Heart beats as one with you

    Rising to every step we take

    Communicating frequencies

    Travel across the waves

    The wide ocean of eternity

    Melt together

    In our dynamic range of emotions.

    ⁃ Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: Moon_over_mumbai



  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: My Lucid Dreams

    This void inside

    Echo in the hearts

    Never forget that,


    Oceans of lifetimes pass

    Home is where,

    The Heart will guide you,


    In our lucid dreams.

    The mind forgets

    Heart always remembers

    Past life connections

    Losing time and space

    In this feeling of trance

    No need to let go

    Only be one,


    In my lucid dreams.

    – Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Just Another Day

    Sitting here on the edge

    Heart is skipping a beat

    Scattered mind,

    Endless thoughts

    Of what if,

    The pain would disappear

    The heavy weight

    Drags me down

    Under the surface

    Trying to catch a breath

    Live to see another day.

    ⁃ Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

  • Music,  Personal

    Can’t Sleep – Above and Beyond

    It’s been more than 10 years since I first heard this trance track, back in the days when I got introduced to electronic music by a friend who I don’t know anymore. He introduced me to this track, it’s one of the most beautiful songs that have been with me since then. This song is the reason why most of my posts are scheduled at 4:30 am. 😉
    I always come back to listening to these lyrics. Found this acoustic version on Youtube. Enjoy!

    Peace and Love,


  • Poetry,  Writing

    Poem: Floating Dimensions

    Should I listen to the voice,
    Keeps shouting louder, louder
    Making me feel so weak inside,
    Until you whisper in my ear,
    I am always here.

    I’m floating in the space,
    Where both our dreams embrace.
    Dimensions near and far,
    Appear just like a star.
    Shining so bright,
    Through the endless night.

    ⁃ Niroopinder

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai