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    Laser Eye Surgery – 2 year 10 month UPDATE

    Last month I made an update on Youtube regarding my PRK/Laser eye surgery. I got the first surgery done on 12th of Dec 2013 and the follow-up surgery for my left eye was done in March this year (2016). The reason for the follow-up surgery was to remove the scarring in the eyes that occurred after the initial surgery. After a lot of waiting and treatment with different eye drops over the course of 2 years, we finally did the first touch up surgery to correct the “haze” in the eyes that caused blurry vision.

    I have made a follow up video where I talk about the next steps, and what we intend to do onwards in the process of solving the issues. My next surgery for my right eye would be scheduled for the beginning of next year and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the outcome will be just as good as the left eye. Check out the video below if you’re interested in the current situation and how it’s going. Subscribe to my channel over at Youtube if you’re interested in knowing when I upload a new video.  Write to me over at Youtube or down below in the comments if you have a question or asking for advice, I’m happy to answer and give my opinion since this is a topic close to me.

    Peace and Love,

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    My LASEK Eye Surgery Experience (2 year post op)

    Hey guys,

    I have made several videos on my LASEK (No Cut) eye surgery experience over at YouTube if you are interested in checking them out. I had initially thought I’d just do a few and then everything would be normal and healed, but I ran into complications. I got haze (scar tissue) in my eyes and it made my vision a bit blurry and not so sharp. I am according to tests passing a driver’s license vision but I can’t really read signs off a distance. It’s a tricky problem and it’s been 2 years and almost 5 months post the first surgery.

    5 weeks ago I did a follow up touch up surgery of my left eye to try to remove the haze and it’s been healing up well. I have days when I get worried that my vision is slightly blurry again, but I believe it has mostly to do with dryness at the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s going to be successful.

    If you want to check out my latest video on the LASEK (No Cut) surgery experience, you can take a look at it below. I have received so many questions and concerns over these 2 ½ years and I am amazed over the caring comments I’ve gotten from all over the world. I can’t tell anyone if you should go through with your surgery or not, I am only here to tell you my experience. I haven’t even reflected on whether I regret my surgery or not, there’s really no point in thinking about the past. I made the decision in all good thoughts and in a way the result is better than having to pop in contacts every day and getting tired/dried eyes at the end of the day so I had to use glasses. I don’t miss my glasses at all, since I had such a bad eye sight prior to the surgery. It’s such a luxury to wake up and be able to see the time and look at my phone without looking for my glasses first. I have tried looking at the bright side after all these complications, it’s hard some days, but most days I’m grateful that it’s not worse than it is right now.

    Check out my other videos by going in to YouTube following the link below.

    Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions, concerns or if you want my advice.

    Peace and Love,

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    Laser eye surgery – LASEK – 2 weeks left..

    It’s less than two weeks left and I’m doing the countdown to my laser eye surgery. The treatment that I’m going to get is called LASEK (No Cut) and the healing time is about a week, give or take. I’m totally excited about it, but at the same time I’m nervous because it’s such a big deal to do a surgery for the eyes. I have pretty bad eye sight today so it would be such a blessing to be able to see properly without having to correct it with contacts or glasses. Waking up in the morning and be able to see the clock and where I put my mobile phone. To be able to take a shower and see where I’m shaving without having to put glasses on (that are steamy and watery). To not have to think about taking extra contacts with me if I spontaneously need to spend the night somewhere other than home. There are so many scenarios I can think of that would make my life easier, so I can’t wait to get this done!
    My plan is to make a video journal for each day after the surgery so I can remember the progress if anyone ever wants my advice on it afterwards. I’ve been asking people around me at the office if they’ve done it, so I can get some advice, but usually they only remember the result and have forgotten how it felt like during the first few painful days.
    So when I’m off to Stockholm for work during next week, I’m going to look for some nice sunglasses I could use right after the surgery. I would need to sit with those on both indoors and outdoors, especially if it’s going to be sunny – even during winter time.

    I’ll come back with more details and progress regarding this in two weeks.

    Peace and Love,