• Thoughts

    New trend to post pajamas images?

    One thing I find funny with some random people on my Facebook is that they stay away from posting something for quite a long time and then they break the silence with an utterly boring image of their coffee or something and say that spring is here. Stating the obvious. Or an image of them wearing the most unflattering pajamas ever and I’m thinking – why did you have to let me see that? What’s in your own private home should stay there, unless it’s some high quality images or showing some new interesting item you’ve bought that might be useful for other people, just don’t share? It’s just my opinion, but I’m getting sick of this whole new social network trend that people feel urged to post images of themselves in all kinds of situations that back in the days were just a casual Saturday/Sunday afternoon chill.
    They really want me to judge them by their images when they post things like that. Just because you have a camera in your phone and Internet on top of that doesn’t mean you should post your whole life, including the boring bits and pieces. I have a rule of thumb when posting something to Facebook and that is to think if it’s relevant to anyone and if it’s useful or entertaining on some level. Unless we’re talking about my bunch of profile pictures, they’re there for a reason. 😛

    Peace and Love,