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    Poem: Peace and Harmony

    The invisible pain
    Building up inside
    The tears flowing
    Boiling through
    The deepest well
    Will we ever be?
    Known and free
    Will we ever know,
    peace and harmony?


    Flowing back and forth
    Two sides of a coin
    Tides and flows
    Moments in time
    Just like the whispers,
    I call out carefully
    In the moonlit night

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai



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    Travelling is my Drug | Nomadic Traveller

    Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.

    – Anthony Bourdain

    I can’t seem to help it, this underlying urge to always leave and be on the road to somewhere else. I love the feeling of not belonging to one place, I like belonging to the world. Open. Free. Endless possibilities. I believe it has to do with my two cultures, Swedish and Indian. I love them both, almost equally. Almost. I weigh them back and forth, compare and contrast, which one do I like the most. For the moment.

    Being a TCK (third culture kid) or more like a CCK (cross-cultural kid) in my particular case, one will always have to deal with these emotions of not belonging to a certain degree. Rootlessness. Mixed cultural belonging. Struggle to fit in. All of these things are all based in a TCKs/CCKs childhood of being brought up in a mixed cultural environment, where the guidelines of how to deal with it has been missing. Especially during the 90s/00s in Sweden. Growing up in Sweden, in an area where there were no immigrants, has its impact in the long term.

    The travelling aspect of my life doesn’t only have to do with physical travelling from one place to another, I am almost always somewhere in a bubble. Typical Pisces behaviour, for those that know astrology. It’s a hard struggle to always remind myself to come back to reality, but when dreaming becomes part of your everyday life to survive, it’s hard to resist. If I knew how to astral travel, I’d be addicted to it. Sounds like such an amazing ability to be able to visit both places and people in all kinds of spaces.

    Someone was describing how a TCK walks through life, as if we stand constantly at the airport gate, anxious, waiting for our flight somewhere, walking back and forth until we board our flight. That’s when we calm down and relax, in the window seat of the plane, viewing the endless skies and clouds overlooking everything. That feeling makes me truly feel alive. Never understood why, until I read about being a TCK. Check out my other post on what it is about and my experience up until now, here.

    Peace and love,

    Kimmi Madeline

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    Piku|Hindi Movie – My Thoughts

    “Apni roots unko agar ukhad do, toh kya bachega..”

    – Piku.

    I have watched this Hindi film around three times in total. I rarely watch a film more than one time unless it’s a film that has left some impact on me. It’s a very simple film with many layers of importance and deeper meaning that really show when you start looking deeper at what is happening.

    The whole aspect of accepting your roots and where you really come from, to be at peace with that is necessary to be able to live a full and complete life. She struggled a lot with the idea whether to keep the house in Calcutta or not when her dad will pass away. When Irfan Khan’s character tells her the sentence that’s written above, which roughly translates to: If you rip out the roots, what will there be left..

    I got shivers down my spine, and felt instantly very emotional, because of how I could relate that so well with my relation to India and my roots. I started crying, at first without really knowing why. It’s been a very rocky road to get to this state of mind, for me to accept and be open and fine with being multicultural. Today vs me 10 years ago are entirely different people, and I am so thankful for that. I am ever grateful for being able to say that I enjoy these layers of my roots and accepting them, not ripping them out and hope that there would be something left. I can’t believe how one is suppose to build anything without the roots.

    Highly recommend the film to anyone who like an Indian cultural drama which brings up any everyday topics in a both light manner but also to end it with a lot of different emotions. It is truly a roller coaster ride in your inner world, especially if you’re anything like me and have had struggles with acceptance of roots and a mixed background. I do believe that it might only be fully appreciated by someone who understands the quirks of growing up in an entirely Desi environment.

    Peace and Love,

    Kimmi Madeline

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    Poems: No more dreams

    Dreams are the window to the inner soul

    What we really desire and long for

    Appear before our eyes in the full moon night

    The truth of our inner secrets come clean

    In the dawn of light

    Closing my eyes to see clearly

    The images flash by in an instant

    Holding onto the last moments

    Lifetimes of love tear me apart

    In two pieces

    One more raw than the other

    Suffocating when I can’t breathe in

    The full spectrum of,

    Your oxygen.

    There is no answer to what I believe

    No matter what is being said

    Dreams can only tell, in time.

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline

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    Poem: Coming Home

    My journey started where it will end

    Oceans and lands away from here

    A place I call my real home

    Inner dual voices tell me

    How to really feel

    Letting go of the imaginary world

    Float deeper, and deeper

    To another dimension

    Looking up at the sky

    Wondering where we will go

    Do we meet after all of this

    When the questions have been answered

    I have been waiting for this

    All of my lifetimes

    To finish what I started

    The unfinished story

    Of another time and age

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

    – Kimmi Madeline

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    Poem: Dynamic Frequencies

    The taste of the air is fresh

    Crisp and present

    Breathing in a sense of peace

    Dreaming of tomorrow

    Brings my breath to a calm

    Heart beats as one with you

    Rising to every step we take

    Communicating frequencies

    Travel across the waves

    The wide ocean of eternity

    Melt together

    In our dynamic range of emotions.

    ⁃ Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: Moon_over_mumbai



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    Poem: My Lucid Dreams

    This void inside

    Echo in the hearts

    Never forget that,


    Oceans of lifetimes pass

    Home is where,

    The Heart will guide you,


    In our lucid dreams.

    The mind forgets

    Heart always remembers

    Past life connections

    Losing time and space

    In this feeling of trance

    No need to let go

    Only be one,


    In my lucid dreams.

    – Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai

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    Poem: Just Another Day

    Sitting here on the edge

    Heart is skipping a beat

    Scattered mind,

    Endless thoughts

    Of what if,

    The pain would disappear

    The heavy weight

    Drags me down

    Under the surface

    Trying to catch a breath

    Live to see another day.

    ⁃ Kimmi Madeline

    Instagram: moon_over_mumbai